Requirements and Procedures of Wax Injection - Lost Wax Casting

Specifications of Wax Injection

Room Temperature 24±3
Temperature of Wax Cylinder 54±2
Temperature of Wax Nozzle 5764
Pressure of Wax Injection 4.2 Mpa(42 kgf/cm2
Time of Holding Temperature 515 s
Temperature of Cooling Water 10

Operating Procedures

2.1 Check whether the oil pressure, heat preservation temperature, operation buttons, etc. of the wax press are normal. Adjust the injection pressure of the wax press, the temperature of the wax injection nozzle, the pressure holding time, and the cooling time in accordance with the technical regulations.
2.2 Take out the wax bath from the incubator, install it on the wax press, and release the wax material mixed with air on the upper part.
2.3 Place the mold on the worktable of the wax press, adjust the wax injection nozzle to make it the same height as the wax injection port of the mold, check whether the position of all the core blocks of the mold is correct, and whether the mold opens and closes smoothly.
2.4 Open the mold and spray a thin layer of parting agent. Close the shape and aim at the wax nozzle.
2.5 Press the work button with both hands to press the wax mold.
2.6 Pull out the core, open the mold, and carefully take out the wax mold. Put it into the cooling water or put it in the storage tray to cool down as required. And check that the wax model with the following defects should be scrapped:
  • Wax molds with severe bubbles;
  • Wax molds with unclear edges and corners;
  • Wax molds whose deformation cannot be repaired;
  • Wax molds whose dimensions are not specified by symbols.
2.7 Remove the residual wax material on the mold. Note that only compressed air can be used to blow off the mold parting surface, wax chips on the core, and release agent. Metal tools are not allowed to scrape the cavity and pull the core. Be careful not to damage the mold cavity.
2.8 Perform the next wax mold pressing according to the above items, and then reciprocate production.
2.9 Gently take out the wax model from the cooling water in time, blow off the wax chips and water droplets with compressed air, and carry out self-inspection, and put the qualified wax model in the storage tray correctly.
2.10 After each shift or after the production of the mold is completed on duty, use a soft cloth to clean the mold. If any damage to the mold is found, report to the foreman immediately, and the foreman will handle it. And clean the wax press, tools and site to be clean and tidy.


3.1 When pressing the wax model, the first piece inspection must be carried out first, and the operation can only be carried out after the qualification is confirmed. The suppression parameters cannot be easily changed during the suppression process.
3.2 When using a new mold, be sure to clarify the mold assembly and disassembly sequence, and the wax mold removal method.
3.3 When storing wax patterns, pay attention to the direction in which they are placed to prevent deformation. Measures such as clamps can be taken when necessary to avoid deformation of the wax mold.
3.4 Make 2-3 shrinkage samples (such as Ø100X6 mm round cake samples, etc.) per shift, measure the shrinkage after cooling, and make a record.
3.5 Put all the remaining wax in the wax bath before leaving get off work. The waste wax mold and waste wax should be kept clean, put in the waste wax box, and sent to the wax treatment department in time.
3.6 When the wax press is working, it is not allowed to hold the mold with your hands or stretch your hands under the closed type table, and it is not allowed to operate the buttons with one hand to prevent personal safety accidents.
3.7 Safety and fire prevention work should be done in the wax mold room.

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