Basic Information of Sand Mold Casting Foundry

Sand casting foundry is a manufacturer and factory that produces castings with green sand casting, coated sand casting and furan resin sand casting as the main processes.

The Use of Resin Sand in Sand Casting Molding Making

Resin sand is the molding sand (or core sand) prepared with resin as a binder. The use of resin as a binder for moulding sand is a major change in the sand casting process. Since the advent of this method, it has attracted the atten...

Chills and Their Functions for Sand Casting

What is Chill and How they work for sand casting? What is the difference between internal chills and external chills? This article will give you more information about these.

Sand Casting Defects - Reasons and Solutions

Any irregularity in the moulding process causes defects in castings which may sometimes be tolerated, some times eliminated with proper moulding practice or repaired using methods such as welding and metallization.

Cast Irons for OEM Casting Components

The ferrous alloys which have carbon contents of more than 2% are called cast irons. Though cast irons can have a carbon percentage between 2 to 6.67, the practical limit is normally between 2 and 4%. These are important mainly...

Brief Introduction of Sand Casitng

The metal casting industry has always tried to balance both technical and commercial needs, maintaining engineering capabilities, ensuring efficient operations and protecting business profitability. Commerce at its root has not cha...

Three Types of Sand Casting Techniques

As a iron and steel foundry, RMC could produce casting parts by sand casting process with Shell Molded Casting, Green Sand Casting and Resin Sand Casting processes.

No-bake Type Sand Casting

At the sand casting foundry of RMC, nobake is a casting process that involves the use of chemical binders to bond the molding sand. Sand is conveyed to the mold fill station in preparation for filling of the mold.

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