OEM casting parts for cars

As one of the fastest growing industries, the car presents the results of modern technology and human wisdom. The processes of casting, forging, machining and other metal forming play a very important role, providing the most basic metal parts. Including, but not limited to the following parts, our products used for automobiles are very helpful in increasing our business revenue in recent years.
• Drive Axle
• Drive Shaft
• Control Lever
• Gearbox Housing, Gearbox Cover
• Wheels

RMC provides comprehensive solutions to the automotive industry. The products that we manufacture endure high temperature and high pressure or where safety of the vehicle is ensured.

The casting and machining components that we supply for auto parts achieve high-dimensional tolerance and performance requirements and often designed for the newest requirements to meet increasing challenges for strong mechnical performance, fuel economy and emission standards.

The Auto Parts Made by Casting and CNC Machining