Casting Valve and Pump Parts
Casting processes play a fundamental function in manufacturing parts for valve and pump systems. At our casting foundry, the stainless steel castings by investment casting are serving lots of customers and end users. Moreover, we usually cast the duplex stainless steel, PH stainless steel, nickel based alloys, cobalt based alloy, brass, bronze and aluminium alloy for the centrifugal pump parts and valve parts.
• Closed Impeller, Semi-open Impeller, Open Impeller
• Pump Housing or Body, Pump End Cover
• Butterfly Valve Disc, Butterfly Valve Housing
• Pipe Connectors, Water, Oil and Gas Supply Systems

The valve and pump parts usually have some special requirements. For example, the static balancing and dynamic balancing are required for the impellers, while almost all the valve and pump spare parts should have very strong ability of anti-rust and should be against the high pressure. But at RMC, we have rich experienced in reaching these requirements by improving the structure design, choosing the right metals and making the tight tolerances. And also all the related inspections above could be made at our workshop.

Casting and CNC Machined Parts for Valve and Pump Parts